"Epic Financial is a place where our clients can feel at home. We are dedicated to helping our clients secure their financial future, protect their family, and live a comfortable retirement.  Our approach to financial education has always centered around families.  We believe the financially strong homes of today                lay the foundation for bright futures."
-Jonathan Spatz, Founder

Become Financially Fit

Added Protection for Your Family

What does it mean to be financially fit?  How do I do it?


At Epic Financial, we will sit down and go over you entire financial picture and help prioritize what's most important to you.  


Debt?  Retirement?  College?  Life Insurance? Protecting my assets?  Protecting my family? Cash flow?  Estate?  Investments?

Life is full of unexpected surprises and you don't want the people you cherish the most to suffer.

You have to get your financial affairs in order.


You need to be organized.


Have the necessary protection in place. 


At Epic Financial, we can review and see if there are any gaps in your financial net.

Debt Solutions

Take control of your debt and get your money working for you.

Business Solutions



Turn an expense

into an asset

College Planning

Learn how to most efficiently pay for college.